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My name is Ava Everett. I am PASSIONATE and DEDICATED to what I do which is spread the word of healthy living for families through network marketing - the way of the "healthy living revolution". I am 60+ years young, married to my high school sweetheart, Craig for 40+ years. We have two talented, wonderful children, Dylan and Leia. Dylan has married Donise and we have three healthy grandchildren. Craig and I have been using and loving Shaklee products for over 40 years with super health benefits. One example of this is that our daughter's first treatment with antibiotics was when she was 17 years old. That is almost unheard of today.

Forty + years ago, I decided to pursue the business end of Shaklee. We have received many tangible benefits from this adventure, like trips with our family all over the world -Switzerland, Hawaii, Australia just to name a few, and a super full-time income for a part-time effort. But the reason I love Shaklee and why I love what I do is beyond all the tangible benefits we have received. The trips and income represent all the people and families, I have made a difference to with better health and financial wellness. This is a tremendous benefit to contributing to the higher good of the community and I am PASSIONATE about it.

So with the Shaklee business, I was able to stay at home with our children, have a stimulating career, contribute to the family financially, and make a difference in the lives of others. This has made my life rich and full with a wonderful group of positive friends. It has also been the BEST self-improvement program of my life.

Now I am a grandmother with a purpose - looking for others that are looking for healthy living for their family!